Lauren Nurse - Visual Artist
Installation viewFlagDetail view of FlagI put a Spell on YouDetail view of I put a Spell on YouInstallation viewConversationScarecrow SeriesSoil MapScarecrow SeriesBlue BullhornCurio CabinetsESP cardsDetail view of ESP cardsHatDetail view of HatGlovesHoeGardening LineToyGum ArabicJohn the Conqueror (ipomoea)Installation viewBlack BullhornsMoldHoe HeadMagic HorseBlack SandCharm BraceletCandlestickDetail view of CandlestickBlack CatBurdock, Blood, BittersKiss ArmyI am my own GhostScarecrow SeriesDetail View of Scarecrow/Owl Mask
there's always room on the broom, Oct.- Dec. 2011
Solo show at Open Studio