Lauren Nurse - Visual Artist
original imageScreening image onto linoPrinted lino being carvedcarvingmore carvinginking up carved lino steamrollingfinished printinking second imagedetail of inked linoprinting...finished print!inking up third printprinting!finished print!finished prints!prints hanging in OCADU lobbyco-moderator with Luke Painter - Print in the Public Sphere Panel
Printopolis - International Symposium on Printmaking, October 2010
Printopolis 2010 was a 4-day symposium with an international focus on contemporary printmaking presented by Open Studio in Toronto, Canada, October 21 - 24, 2010. Printopolis featured issue-based panel discussions/presentations, artist talks and printmaking demonstrations.

An affiliated event called "Printing in the Streets" took place at OCADU, where senior students collaborated with artists Alexei Vella, Amanda Nedham, Cathy Daley, Christopher Hutsul, Cybèle Young, Jeannie Thib, Julie Voyce, Lauren Nurse, Libby Hague and Luke Painter to produce extremely large-scale relief prints, which were then "printed" with a steamroller!